This is a general guide, your practice may do things slightly different.


Each day, a staff member opens each item of post and scans in all documents. Each document is named clearly, and uploaded to InTouch and a staff member to review the document is chosen.


  • Document scanner attached to a computer 
  • Staff member who understands how to use the scanner and InTouch. 
  • Access to a company shared network directory to place the post documents.

Daily Process

  1. Create a new folder on the network directory for today’s post following this format for the name: ‘YYYY-MM-DD Post’. For example, ‘2016-01-10 Post’.

  2. Open a piece of mail, and create new folder inside the previous one with name that follows this format: ‘FROM, NAME’. For example, ‘Sarah Jones, Instructions received’

  3. Scan each item into the computer and drop the file into the above created folder. Give the file a meaningful name.

  4. Search for the matter on InTouch and drop the files into that matter.

  5. In the popup window, select the staff member that needs to review these files.

Repeat steps 2-5 until for all items of post.