To attach an email that you are sending InTouch needs to now about the email, and know how to identify the matter that the email belongs to.

Do not worry, the Outlook plugin will do this for you. Simply click ‘Select Matter’ when sending any emails and follow the popup on screen.

ITR code

The ITR code is a reference in an email’s subject line to identify which matter that email should be attached to. The reference of the matter will for part of the ITR code.

For example, if your matter has a reference of JS/Smith/001 the ITR code will be [ITR:JS/Smith/001].

If you delete the ITR code from the subject line, the e-mail will not attach to InTouch.

Bcc address

When you click the InTouch logo when attaching an e-mail or sending a new e-mail, the email address [email protected] will appear in the bcc area.

This ensures InTouch knows about the e-mail and allows it to become attached to the matter on InTouch.

If you delete the email address from the bcc area, the email will not attach to a matter on InTouch.