When a matter state has changed, a Webhook can be implemented to receive a payload detailing the changes of the matter.

To create a matter state change webhook, navigate to the matter template you want to create the Webhook for, then click Advanced. In the Webhooks box enter a URL that will receive the HTTP Post payload, then click save.

Now, each time the matter state changes for any matter using this template the URL 'https://mywebsite.com/api/myhook` will receive the following delivery:

POST https://mywebsite.com/api/myho... HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
{ matterGuid: '7859056a-50c7-418f-94cc-6b479b869002', state: 0, stateName: 'Open', previousState: 5, previousStateName: 'Lead', by: 'Joe Smith'