Settings > Quotation Calculator > New

Name your calculator

Click > Add purchase question

InTouch add a question, quotation calculator

Fill in the pop up box as follows:

InTouch quotation calculator purchase questions

Give your question a name

If you feel you need to add more details, write a more detailed description in this “notes” section.

Choose the answer “Type”. For example text, numbers, check box or multiple choice (radio).

You must add a data marker, this will ensure the data entered will be carried through InTouch into all future e-mails and letters.

Tick the tick box if the prospect must answer this question.

Choose which position you wish to ask this question.

Click > Create

Adding Fees

Click > Quote

InTouch quotation calculator add fee

Click >** Add Fee**

Give your fee a name and follow the instructions.

(If you need any further help adding fees, call 0115 888 11 55, or e-mail us across your fees. We can set this part up for you).


Click > Save

Automatically create the data captured as a matter

Advanced Settings -

Click the first tick box

InTouch quotation calculator create a matter automatically

Assign the fee earner

Ensure the “When the quotation calculator is completed automatically create a matter for the customer” box is ticked.

From the drop down box, choose the fee earner you wish to assigned to matters created by the quotation calculator.

InTouch quotation calculator assign fee earner

Click > Save

Automatically e-mail the prospect a quote

Ensure the “E-mail prospect a quote” is ticked.

Ensure correct e-mail template has been picked from the drop down box.

Click > Save

InTouch quotation calculator email new prospect quote