It is now possible to remove InTouch's information from your email footer, replacing this with your own customised email footer.

If you have not already done so, contact to receive a quote for this capability.

Please note: prior to this process, your organisation will need to have set up their own email domain.

Setting It Up

Enter InTouch and click onto the 'Settings' tab in the top-right corner of your screen, then click on the 'Staff' button, then scroll down to find your name and click 'Edit'.

Scroll down to the bottom of your screen and you will find the box in the image below.

Begin by ticking the 'Use custom email footer for this staff member' checkbox. You will now be able to customise your email footer as you see fit. An example of how this might look is in the image below.

When you are happy with your new email footer, click 'Save'.

Please note: this process will have to be completed for each staff member.

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