You now have the ability to set an alarm on a key date counting down to the expiry date.

For example - If you get a mortgage offer in and know when the mortgage offer is due to expire, you can set an alarm to countdown to the expiry date, ensuring you are reminded the expiry date is nearing.

Alarms can be set a days, weeks or even months in advance of the expiry date.

To set an alarm on a key date click settings > Matter Templates > click on the matter template required > Custom Date > Add > Name your key date and set a data marker, under the Type field select Date & Time, select when you would like an amber and red traffic light to show on the matter reminding you your key date is due to expire.

Key dates expiry alarm

At a certain point during the property transaction, you will no longer need the expiry light of a key date showing. The light will stop showing once a task has been completed deeming the alarm no longer relevant. To set the task select the releveant one from the drop down list.

*Please note if you have a traffic light set on the matter, your alarm will not show as well. If a traffic light is raised on a matter you need to review it or complete the task in question to drop the traffic light.