Click > settings tab

intouch settings tab

Click > Email templates

intouch e-mail templates button

Click > Add email template

intouch email template button

Enter > Email template name and a description of the e-mail

Note, if you call it the same name as another e-mail on the system, a box will appear in the right hand screen asking you to give the email another name

Click > add

Begin to type your new e-mail.

Everything you write in the template box (left-hand side of the screen) will appear in the preview box (right hand side of the screen)

intouch emails

Data Markers

Data markers, make it quicker and easier to enter data.

To insert a data marker into the e-mail, click > **data marker tab **

intouch data markers for email templates

If you wish to add for example the agents e-mail address into the email you would type

*Note, The preview will show e-mail [email protected] This is demo data. When you are adding an email on an actual matter, the data marker will drag the matter data, so the e-mail address will match your matter client. *

Continue using the data markers and helpers until your e-mail is complete.

You can edit the style of your e-mail here

edit style of intouch email template

Click > **save changes **

Your e-mail is now saved with the other e-mail templates.

When you are on a matter and wish to send this e-mail, you will be able to select it from the drop down menu.