To create an email template, click > 'Settings'.

InTouch Settings Button

Click > 'Email Templates'.

InTouch Email Template

Input 'Email Template Name' and a 'Description' of the email.

Please note: If you were to give the email template the same name as an existing one on the system, a box will appear in the right-hand screen asking you to give the email template an alternative name.

Click > 'Add'

InTouch Email Template

Begin to type your new email template.


You can edit the style of your email template here:

InTouch Email Template

Data Marker

Data Markers make it quicker and easier to enter data. More information about their usage can be found in this help document

To insert a data marker into the email, click > 'Data Markers'.

InTouch Email Template

If you wish to add a data marker for the Client Correspondence Address City into the email template, for example, you would type:


InTouch Email Template

When the email template is complete, click > 'Save'.

Your email is now saved with the other email templates.

How Do I Use the New Email Template?

Within the relevant matter, click > 'Docs & Emails'.

InTouch Email Template

Click > 'New Email' and select the saved email template.

InTouch Email Template