You can create an email which incorporates a quote table from the calculator fees.

An easy way to create this is to use this data helper -


How do I use it?

If you use this data helper, your fees will be grouped under the group headings:

Initial fees first,

Disbursements second and

Sub total section third.

To ensure your fees are listed in the correct order, list your data markers within the relevant []

See example below:

{{#groupedhtmlquotetable ["", ""][""][""]}}

The [] symbol breaks the data markers into sections - for example legal fees and bank transfer fee will be in one section, money laundering fee will be in the second disbursement section and search pack fee will be in the third sub total section.

grouped fees quote table

Note your fees in the email template need to have the same data marker listed on the calculator.

If the quote table doesn't show in the email listed possible causes are listed below -

Commas, cannot be used to seperate ][ (error message may say part of the helper could not be processed)

All fee data markers need to be inbetween a quote "" (error message may show as part of the helper could not be processed)

All fee data markers between a [] group need to be seperated with a comma and a space (error message may show as data marker namedatamarker name couldn't be found in collections.fees)

Each group needs to start with [ and end with ]

The data markers must match with the data marker used in the calculator (an error message will look like - The fee couldn't be found in collections.fees for offending data marker)

A great way to group your fee would be to have Your legal fee in section one, any disbursements in section two and stamp duty in section three. It is a great and clear way of showing the Client exactly what fees are to be paid and to whom.