To Add a new matter click > Add A New Matter

add a new conveyancing matter

Choose matter type by clicking on the dropdown arrow > Purchase/Re-Mortgage/Sale/Transfer of equity

purchase re mortgage sale transfer of equity

Input Reference (any data entered here will help you identify each matter)

Choose fee earner by clicking on the drop down arrow > (pick name)

conveyancing fee earner

Input buyer details > Surname > Forename > Email address

Note, you will not be able to create a matter without a working e-mail address

house buyer details

If you have more than one buyer click > **Add another Buyer **

Input buyer details > Surname > Forename >** Email address**

To add an existing client (ie, a client who has information already on the system) click > **Add Existing Client **

Input > **name or e-mail address of client you are looking for… **

existing house buyer details

Input client’s property address line by line

property details

Click > Select Estate Agent to enter Estate agent

select estate agent

If the estate agent is already on the system input > **name, email or company of the agent you are looking for… **

To see a list of existing estate agents, click > add new

Click on the drop down arrow to see the list of existing agencies

existing estate agency

Click name of agent required, input > email address then click > **save **

To add a new agent input > agency name > forename > surname > email address > save

input existing estate agent details

To add a stakeholder (ie, someone who may also want to be kept up to date with this matter) click > **add stakeholder **

conveyancing stakeholder

Input stakeholder data > Surname > Forename > Email address

stakeholder details

Click > Create matter