Default Reference Convention

The default matter reference naming convention works likes this {{matter.feeEarner.initials}}/{{matter.template.initials}}/{{matter.primaryClient.surname}}-{{matter.primaryClient.forenameInitials}}

and this will create a reference that looks like this JR/P/Bloggs-J.


You can change this naming convention by going to Settings > Organisation Settings > Advanced and changing the Matter Reference Convention field with your own data markers

InTouch matter reference naming convention


For example you may wish for your matters to follow the naming convention Year/Number ie, 2017/001

To set this up go to , enter this data helper - {{#datetime 'YYYY'}}/{{organisation.currentyear.nextmatternumber}}.

Manually settings a reference each time

If you want to set your own matter reference everytime you open a matter manually, delete the contents in the Matter Reference Convention field. When you open a new matter you will be asked to fill in the reference field.