To ask additional questions when opening a new matter, click > ‘Settings’.

InTouch settings button

Click > ‘Matter Templates’.

InTouch matter templates button

Click > ‘Edit’ on the relevant template.

InTouch edit matter templates

Click > ‘Custom Data’.

InTouch custom data

To capture additional information, click > ‘+Add’.

InTouch additional custom data


  • ‘Name’ (a user friendly name that does not have to be unique)
  • ‘Data Marker’ (a unique name for a data item. For example, ‘property.price’)
  • ‘Group’ (if required)
  • ‘Notes’ (if required)
  • ‘Type’ (The data item number. For example ‘text’ or ‘Yes or No’)
  • ‘Example’ (To aid the user when deciding the what data to input)
  • ‘Position’ (Position in relation to other questions)

Ensure that the ‘Ask for this when matter is opened?’ box is ticked.

InTouch additional custom data

You may then wish to ‘tick’ the ‘Require the matter opener to input this data?’ box.

InTouch additional custom data

Click > ‘Save’.