Adding a New Quote Calculator

When viewing a matter, click > ‘Settings’

InTouch Settings button

Click > ‘Quote Calculators’

InTouch Quote Calculators button

To add a new quote calculator, click > ’+ Add’.

InTouch Quote Calculators add new

This will create a default quote calculator that can then be edited.

Editing an Existing Quote Calculator

Within the relevant quote calculator, click > ‘Edit’.

InTouch Quote Calculators edit

Whilst editing, you can build upon the existing questions and answers, and adapt them to your specific requirements. Please refer to the following help documents for assistance with this:

Can the Quote Calculator Automatically Send New Prospects an Email of Their Quote?

How Do I Add a New, or Edit an Existing Question in a Quote Calculator

How Do I Add a New, or Edit an Existing Fee in a Quote Calculator

If required, you can also ‘Rename’, ‘Clone’, or ‘Delete’ the quote calculator.

InTouch Quote Calculators rename or delete or clone