'#calc' is a data helper that allows calculations to be undertaken during the templating process. This help article will explain and provide examples for the data helper's different capabilities.

To learn more about how data helpers are used within the templating process, please refer to Data Helpers

In This Article:

  • What Are the Different Capabilities of '#calc'?
  • Examples of '#calc' in Use

What are the Different Capabilities of '#calc'?

When used within an email or document template, '#calc' will undergo a calculation at the point in which the email or document is generated. The data helper is then replaced by the completed calculation.

The data helper supports addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. See below for examples of each of these. 



{{#calc 5 + 7.50}} - Outputs 12.50.

{{#calc search.fee + land.registration.fee}} - If the search fee was 100.00 and the land registration fee was 7.00, then the output would be 107.00.


{{#calc 12 - 4}} - Outputs 8.

{{#calc property.price - deposit.amount}} - If property's price was £350,000 and the deposit amount was £30,000, then the output would be £320,000.


{{#calc 6 / 3}} - Outputs 2.

{{#calc deposit.amount / 2}} If the deposit amount was £20,000, then the output would be £10,000.


{{#calc 9 * 9}} - Outputs 81.

{{fees.our.legal.fee * 2}} - If your legals fees were £100, then £200 would be outputted.