InTouch regulary updates your clients on your behalf by sending out the Automatic Update Email template.


Automatic update emails are triggered once a matter has been idle for at least 20 minutes after a task has been completed, or a new note is added to a task.

To Who?

The automatic update email is sent to stakeholders who have;

  1. an email address
  2. are of a stakeholder type who can see the task that has changed.

Are duplicate emails sent out?


Each update email collates all previous changes in the matter together since the client was last updated.

Can I edit the update email?

Inside of InTouch go to Settings -> Email Templates -> Automatic Update Email to edit your template.

Custom Task Email Templates

If your task is configured to send out a custom email then the Automatic Update Email is not sent.

Can I view the emails sent out?

When viewing a matter click Emails to see a list of all emails sent out for that matter.

Disabling Emails

Email updates can be disabled for a matter template. Inside of InTouch go to Settings -> Matter Templates -> Click Edit on the one you wish change and untick the options to disable automatic email updates.