Client focused conveyancing case management software that automatically keeps everyone in touch

Are you constantly getting interrupted by progress chasing phone calls from clients and agents?

How do you ensure all your staff are working in the most effective way?

How long does it take you to open a file?


Reduce Progress chasing phone calls

InTouch keeps your clients, agents and other stakeholders automatically up to date with their property transaction.

Their online portal provides them with as much information as you want them to be able to see, instantly providing a premier service and allowing you to complete more tasks without hearing the sound of your telephone!


Streamline staff and workflow

InTouch ensures all your staff are singing from the same hymn sheet. With an intuitive workflow ensuring no key dates are missed, all documents are generated quickly and efficiently and all emails are stored on the matter. Say goodbye to paper files and hello to becoming the most efficient firm today.

Conveyancing Automation

InTouch stores all your precedents in one place.  We also integrate with Microsoft Word which allows you to generate your client care pack quicker than ever. With intuitive data markers, ensuring only the correct information is shown in your letters, you can sleep easy knowing your staff are getting the job done quicker and with no errors.

What do people say about InTouch?

InTouch is delivering results for our clients and their clients

Full Specs and Features

The comprehensive case management tool, that utilises the power of the Microsoft Cloud to provide an unbeatable software service for conveyancers. Built upon safe, reliable and compliant technologies that allow you to do more, InTouch is the complete conveyancing case management system:

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